• Practicing open government by putting citizens first and posting more information online
  • Supporting the senior citizen tax freeze
  • Using existing revenue to build new schools
  • Reducing unnecessary spending by automating more services and procedures and reducing travel by using online technology


I hold a Bachelors in Computers from Middle Tennessee State University. My technology skills and experience include database analysis and design, technical writing, software analysis, development and support team training. I am also Microsoft Certified.
After attending local government meetings for four years, I have confidence I can serve you well as a commissioner. I understand where Loudon is financially. I know exactly where the Loudon County School Board is in their building program, the timeline, and the costs associated with it.
Most recent completed contract positions (small businesses and private party contracts not listed): Juris of Lexis-Nexis, Duracell-Gillette, Village Green Technology Center, Blaine Construction.


If elected, I will be available to address your concerns. I will represent the best interests of District 1 citizens. I believe that more information should be posted online and left there, creating archives for valid research regarding the changes and decisions made by their elected officials. When inside of a county building, I support permissions for citizen use of the same wireless Internet access provided to administration. Local environmental issues matter to me and I will work hard to ensure that the county's air monitors remain in place and utilized. Contact me: 865-408-1478 or daileysolutions@gmail.com


An amendment was made to the TN Constitution that allows your county commission the option to freeze the base amount of property tax paid by seniors 65 years of age and older. The Property Tax Freeze Act lacks majority support from the Loudon County Commission; therefore it failed to pass locally. I support permitting our seniors to take advantage of the freeze, and I would vote YES if you give me the opportunity to serve as your commissioner.
The Tax Freeze would be in addition to the current Tax Relief Program. If Loudon Commission would pass the tax freeze, it would have an impact on seniors whose income is $35,780.00 per year or less. Surrounding counties that have adopted the tax freeze include Anderson, Blount, Roane and Knox.
source: http://www.state.tn.us/comptroller/pa/taxfreeze.htm


My husband and I are raising three children in Loudon County and are very passionate about what happens here. Since 2006, a flexible schedule has allowed me to dedicate time to volunteer at school and attend county meetings. I have researched solutions to validate funding from county commission and wrote/spoke to our current elected officials to push for better school facilities, property sales and on environment issues. Around four years ago, I created LoudonCountySchoolSolutions.blogspot.com, a good example of the relationship between local government, education and grassroots.